Why do brides wear a garter?

Why do brides wear a garter

It is a question that has been bugging brides everywhere: “Why do brides wear a garter belt on their wedding day?” The fact is, the reason is not as fun and glamorous as you think. Yes, a wedding gown and a high quality lingerie set are very important for a bride’s wardrobe choices, but the garter belt is simply an add-on that brides often wear because it is cute and fun. As for the “why” behind the belt, there are really no clear-cut answers.

Why would any woman choose to wear a garter on her wedding day? The most common answer is that this style of lingerie is very revealing and attractive. In fact, many women say that it adds a lot of spice to their otherwise normal and plain wedding outfits. It adds a hint of sexiness to every little thing the bride is wearing. No wonder more brides are trying out this trend, especially since it is very romantic to wear a garter on your wedding day.

There are two popular types of garter belts to choose from: visible and hidden. The visible garter belt is the classic model that shows up all the way to the smallest part of the wedding dress. The hidden garter belt is also fairly common, but it is typically hidden with a sheer piece of material. Either way, the point is that this garter belt adds some flair to a wedding dress and helps to enhance the bride’s movement.

Another reason why brides wear these belts is because they help to show off the good parts of the wedding dress. For example, a girl wearing a long, lacy, floral wedding dress may want to show off those lacy layers against a bare, white wedding gown. A girl wearing a short, lacy, strapless wedding dress might want to accent that waistline with some of that lace-up design. A girl in a floor-length gown might wear her garter belt to draw the eye down to her derriere.

These days, many brides choose to wear a garter belt not just when attending their wedding ceremony, but also afterwards. They usually choose a garter belt that matches or coordinates with the color of their wedding dress. A simple, lace detail, for example, could be left on – or it could be embellished with a rhinestone button fastener or a small ribbon (that would be tied off at the waist). The overall effect is to create some visual interest without being too distracting.

While some people think of the garter belt as an old wives’ tale, the fact is that this style of shoe was used at least as early as the 16th century. During that time, women who were married in church were expected to wear stockings made of materials other than satin or linen. Garter belts were worn by these brides as an alternative to the more elaborate wedding gowns they were often required to wear. They were also worn to keep the legs from becoming exposed while walking in their gowns. This is not to say that garter belts weren’t quite revealing during this time – far from it! They were, however, designed to be less revealing and were often used to show off a woman’s curves.

As the wedding dress has evolved over the centuries, the garter belt has also changed. Today, many belts are made of materials other than satin or linen and can be found everywhere from a simple leather belt to an intricately detailed mermaid style. Even more recently, the garter belt has seen the addition of garter straps and other decorative accessories that were once reserved only for the upper body of brides. These are typically used to accent a beautiful wedding gown and highlight its intricate details such as embroidery or pearls. There is no doubt that the garter belt still has a role to play today, but it has truly become more of a decorative piece than anything else.

So why do brides wear a garter belt? There are actually several answers to that question! It is largely a matter of personal preference, but it is certainly an important part of any wedding ensemble! Whether you choose to keep your garter belt tucked away at home for special occasions or to wear it right out of the wedding reception (as it would probably make you feel less self conscious walking around with a sexy garter belt showing much too much skin), there is no denying that you will be leaving your wedding day behind you in an incredibly revealing way!